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Hillcross Hygiene
Hillcross Hygiene
Hillcross Hygiene Protected Sticker

We Locate, Remove & Protect Against Viruses, Bacteria, Mould, Bedbugs

Operating throughout the South East we apply the world's first 100% organic antiviral and antibacterial surface protection made from immature oranges that lasts up to two years against 99.9 % of all known pathogens including coronavirus.





We work commercially and domestically in these areas:

plant-based and eco-friendly solutions

Made From Immature Burnt Oranges’

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Our organic surface barrier coatings can stay active for up to two years!

All of our products are 100% organic and are made from immature burnt oranges, making them safe for use around the whole family with no down time! Our products can provide you with organic protection from mould, bacteria, viruses and bed bugs.

We are the sole UK suppliers of this world leading solution to protect every surface where you work or live.

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the benefits of our 100% organic protection

Harnessing Natures Gift

Experience the protective power of plant–derived extracts, meticulously harnessed for their innate potency and purity.


Your Wellbeing Matters

Bid farewell to synthetic fragrances and colourants. Our Solutions are curated to be non-toxic and non-allergic, prioritising your health and comfort.

Food Safe Ingredients

Rest easy knowing that our ingredients bear the seal of safety for human consumption. Every compound holds GRAS recognition, ensuring a food safety environment.

Towards A Greener Future

Join us in reducing plastic waste and minimising virgin plastic usage. Our products proudly feature packaging that incorporates up to 100% post-consumer recycled material, reflecting our commitment to a more sustainable and eco-friendly tomorrow.

Safety And Sustainability Unite

Our commitment to safety shines through formulations that are meticulously crafted to be non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic and non-corrosive. These formulations adhere to the highest quality standards of ISO9001, ensuring a harmonious blend of safety and sustainability.

Get longer lasting protection and a host of other benefits.

Hillcross Hygiene Antimicrobial Coatings vs Traditional Disinfectant Services

Comparison FactorsHillcross Hygiene Antibacterial ProtectionIndustrial Grade SanitisationDisinfectant Spray
Type of TreatmentAntimicrobial Protective CoatingCleaning & DisinfectingCleaning & Disinfecting
LongevityUp to 2 yearsUp to 10 DaysUp to 48 Hours
Effectiveness / Efficacy
Patented Antimicrobial Technology
Proven against droplet based viruses for up to 3 years
Electrostatic Sprayer
Certified Staff
Can be applied on fabric, leather and any porous and non-porous surface
Digital Swab Test for Contamination Level

Hillcross Hygiene

Hillcross Hygiene is your dedicated partner in creating clean, safe, and healthy environments with a conscience. We are proud to uphold a commitment to innovation, organic solutions, and a sustainable approach that extends to minimising our carbon footprint. In collaboration with Citrox Bio Science, we set new standards in hygiene whilst being mindful of our impact on the planet.

We operate throughout London, the South East and Nationally on large scale projects.