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Hillcross Hygiene
Hillcross Hygiene
Hillcross Hygiene Protected Sticker

Viral and Bacterial Protection

The Evolution of Hygiene: Organic Defense Against Pathogens

In the ever-growing emphasis on health and safety, the introduction of organic anti-bacterial and anti-viral surface protection marks a significant leap in hygiene standards. Unlike conventional chemical-laden alternatives, our organic solution taps into the power of nature to combat pathogens effectively.

Comprising carefully chosen natural ingredients, this innovative protection not only eliminates existing microbes but also forms a lasting shield against the intrusion of harmful bacteria and viruses. This shift towards an organic approach represents a conscious choice for individuals and businesses alike, prioritising both cleanliness and environmental responsibility.

Step 1 - Locate

The first step is to take a swab test of the area. We use the Hygiena Ensure Touch testing machine that rapidly measures contamination from bacteria, pathogens, foods, enzymes, and indicator organisms. After taking a swab test, the system measures the amount of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP – found in all living or once living things) and gives you an objective numerical value combined with a Pass/Caution/Fail notification.

Step 2 - Remove

The next step is to remove the harmful bacteria and viruses using our organic food safe surface cleaner and disinfectant on hard surfaces.

Step 3 - Protect

The last step is to apply our invisible surface barrier coating to any affected surfaces. Our formula is an organic long term antimicrobial coating designed to inhibit the growth of microorganisms for extended periods after application. Once the coating has dried, it forms an inhospitable surface for mould, bacteria, and viruses. Our surface barrier coating will provide guaranteed protection for 6 months but can keep protecting for up to 2 years. We then re-test the area with a swab test to ensure efficacy of the product and can issue you with either a sticker, digital or paper certificate on completion.